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At Moor Funds, we adopt a scientific approach to identifying great companies for our investment portfolios. Our 'scientific approach' encompasses the use of proprietary machine learning that processes an extensive range of social, commercial, and economic data coupled with traditional financial analysis.

When applying machine learning, Moor Funds incorporates millions of data points to identify salient information that may influence which companies are considered for investor portfolios; in addition to our liquidity and risk management framework. Successfully incorporating machine learning processes into the foundation of our analytical framework differentiates us from other investment advisers.  


View our Fund Factsheets and Investor Letters below; alternatively,  contact our investment team at 

Description: Actively managed, AI-assisted, 'Long Only' US large cap. equity portfolio. The strategy seeks multi-year outperformance relative to the S&P 500 with a concentrated portfolio, attractive multi-year Sharpe ratio, and positive tracking error.

Inception: 17th February 2017

Performance: 1yr +32.0%; 3yr +37.2%; 5yr +123.3%

Description: Actively managed, US large cap. 'Long Equity' vs 'Short S&P 500' on an equal dollar basis. The fund is typically 90% equity and 10% US govt bonds; the strategy aims to outperform the DJ US Market Neutral Thematic Index. 

Inception: 17th February 2017

Performance: 1yr +8.0%; 3yr 7.2%; 5yr +36.0%

Description: Actively managed, AI-assisted, 'Long Only' US$, international developed markets (ex-China and USA) large cap. equity portfolio. The strategy seeks multi-year outperformance relative to the S&P Developed Markets ADR Index. 

Inception: 1st June 2017

Performance: 1yr +26.6%; 3yr +51.8%; 5yr +115.8%

Description: Actively managed US$ fund focused on North American and developed market private (non-public) investment opportunities, either early or late stage, in Financial Technology, FMCG, Infrastructure and Real Estate sectors. 

Inception: 1st July 2023

Performance: - - -


Q 1.  Is Moor Funds a regulated company?


Yes. Pertinent regulatory information about our firm can be found at Moor Funds is a Texas-registered company with a primary office at 2550 Pacific Ave., Dallas, TX 75226 (Tel: +1 800 819-5185).

Q 2. How does my organization start a conversation with Moor Funds? 


The first step is to get in contact with us at to discuss your needs and suitability. We typically manage money on an advisory basis through i) our dedicated strategy US fund vehicle where investors purchase fund units; ii) Separately Managed Account (SMA); or iii) Investment or fund vehicle type chosen by the investor. 

Q 3. Do you invest for foreign investors or in other geographies?


We service all eligible international investors (subject to a regulatory restricted countries list). As per the investment factsheets above our investment strategies include both US and International assets.


Q 4. How does Moor Funds handle investor capital?


Moor Funds never holds any investor capital. As an investment advisor, we construct and maintain an investment portfolio on a discretionary basis with the authority to buy or sell stocks (only) in a dedicated investment account. Your portfolio stocks are always held with a third-party custodian; Moor Funds does not (itself) hold investor capital, custody investor assets or or use leverage. All investor assets are held in custody with a national leading financial institution; all investor cash assets always remain directly under investor control.  

Q 5. Who are the primary fund managers at Moor Funds? 


Moor Funds is continually expanding investment strategies and client coverage; CIO Edwin Hagan-Emmin can be reached at or +1 800 819-5185. Alternatively please review individual factsheets on this page.


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